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Czech flight school
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We can teach you to fly, whoever you are. From successful executives looking to fulfill a childhood dream, to young people pursuing a professional pilot's career. We teach men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. At the moment, we have students of over 40 different nationalities enrolled in our programs. We can help aspiring professionals secure their first piloting position, and we also support hobbyists by providing a range of aircraft to rent for recreational flying, be it solo acrobatics or a trip with friends and family. Come visit us and see for yourselves! Our friendly and professional staff will take care of your needs and help you find a training solution suitable to your financial capacity and time constraints. Take your life to the next level - up into the air!

Established in 1990, F AIR is the first private flight school in the modern history of the Czech Republic. We are currently one of the largest flight schools in Central and Eastern Europe and have so far trained over 2,500 pilots from more than 40 countries. We offer a wide range of training courses, from relatively undemanding ultralight airplane licenses all the way to the threshold of airline pilot courses, the pinnacle of aviation certification. All our training complies with EASA PART-FCL regulations. Our friendly staff stands ready to help you throughout the course of your training, whether you are working towards a personal leisure license or a professional career in the cockpit.


Why F AIR?

  • Professional, experienced instructors and lectors

  • Skilled ground staff

  • High-quality client services 

  • High-quality study materials and teaching methods 

  • Modern airplane fleet including Tecnam, Cessna, Piper, and others

  • Unique safety system

  • In-house Mechtronix FNPT II/MCC flight simulator

  • FLYNET online reservation system

  • E-learning and E-exams

  • Dispatch service 7 days per week, 365 days per year

  • Extensive ground facilities (classrooms, briefing rooms, restaurant, accommodation, panorama terrace, etc.)

Every year, the number of pilots we train grows, as does the number of our trainees hired by airlines worldwide, many of whom find work through our joint trainee programs with Travel Service, Sichuan Airlines and others. We also continue building up our ground facilities and airplane fleet, which currently stands at over 30 airplanes of various makes. Planes from the Italian manufacturer TECNAM are something of a specialty of ours. We have three bases in the Czech Republic: Our home base is Benesov Airport, the second busiest airport in the Czech Republic, with secondary bases at the popular Brno-Tuřany international airport and the Příbram Airport, the latter of which mainly serves ultralight traffic. Our business has long since expanded beyond the Czech Republic's borders, and we are proud to be teaching students from over 40 countries around the world.

over 2,500 graduates so far

Choose your journey :-)

Our services

Logistical support

  • we will draw up a training plan for you and book the first few flights instead of you
  • we will provide you with directions to our bases or call you a taxi
  • we will provide you with access to our E-learning and E-exam systems and the FLYNET reservation system
  • we will help you find suitable study materials

Medical check

  • we will help you find a qualified doctor in your area


  • we can provide you with accommodation at our own facility at Benesov Airport or book rooms for you in a convenient hotel (all our customers are eligible for discounts during training)

Residential permits / visa (foreign clients)

  • we will help you compile the required documentation
  • we can intermediate in your communication with the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
  • we will help you with your residency registration at the Foreign Police of the Czech Republic


  • we will arrange your material responsibility insurance (against potential airplane damage)
  • we will arrange long-term local heath insurance for you (foreign clients)

Radio Operator License exam

  • we will help you prepare and sign up for this RT exam
  • we will set up an online examination for you (with an external examiner) and subsequently help you obtain your license from the Czech Telecommunications Authority (foreign clients)

ICAO and IR aviation English

  • we will help you prepare and sign up for Aviation ICAO and IR English

Theory and flight test support

  • we will help you sign up for official theory examinations relevant for your course
  • we will set up the official flight examination relevant for your course for you, including contacting the examiner assigned to you
  • we will process any documents your country's civil aviation authority may require

Administrative tasks

  • we handle all administrative work associated with your training - student log processing and finalization, flight log verification, processing of paperwork required by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority

Graduate employment - facilitation of trainee program applications

  • we will help you with employment in airline pilot trainee programs
    • Travel Service/SmartWings Junior F/O Program
    • F AIR FI(A) Cadet Program
    • ... and others

Car rental

  • we will arrange car rental according to your needs

Free time activities

  • our bases offer a broad range of options for spending your free time
  • cultural and sports events, social gatherings and more

Where to next?

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We learn to fly 40 nationalities

Our graduates fly for:

Emirates Czech Airlines Emirates Czech Airlines




EASA, CAAC, ISO9001, Green School


F AIR Ltd.
Benesov Airport, 126 Nesvacily,
257 51 Bystrice u Benesova
Czech Republic
Business reg. no.: 00662381
VAT no.: CZ00662381
A limited liability company registered in the Municipal Court of Prague Business Register, Section C, File 455

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