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Czech flight school wins Export Story of the Year award

Czech flight school wins Export Story of the Year award Czech flight school wins Export Story of the Year award


F AIR worked for several years to gain the certification to train Chinese pilots; now that it has, this success has turned what was already one of the largest aviation schools in Central and Eastern Europe into a global player. "This success has undoubtedly been facilitated by the long-term efforts of the Czech Trade Promotion Agency branch in Chengdu [Sichuan province, China] in the promotion and advancement of the interests of the Czech aviation industry. The backing of an official public agency has considerably increased our standing and credibility in the eyes of Chinese business partners." comments F AIR's Chief Technology Officer Zdeněk Houfek. According to Mr. Houfek, the training of Chinese pilots might eventually amount to up to 70% of the company's total training commitments.

First batch: 60 pilots for Chinese airline

F AIR has already received an order to train 60 pilots for Sichuan Airlines, a Chinese domestic carrier who, since 2016, has also been operating a regular line to Václav Havel International Airport [Prague, Czech Republic]. The company considers this only the beginning though: "Currently, we provide about 12,000 to 15,000 training hours per year. However, in the next few years this number might grow exponentially, mainly thanks to the changes taking place in the Chinese market. China's airspace had, until recently, been almost fully reserved for military use; now, more and more civilian carriers are allowed in." explains Mr. Houfek.

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