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Based on Regulation (EC) No 2016/539, pilots may fly according to performance-based navigation procedures (PBN) after August 25, 2018, after they have acquired rights for PBN and have been incorporated into their (IR).

EASA/Czech CAA provides three options for obtaining the PBN qualification:

  1. (together with the first IR qualification, if the PBN has been included in the IR training and IR Skills examination, or)
  2. as an extension of the valid IR qualification after passing the approved theoretical course and flight training PBN in the ATO or at the AOC holder (ATO or holder of AOC issue the certificate to the applicant) and skill test or recurrent of IR including the PBN skill test, or
  3. as an extension of a valid IR qualification, if the applicant is already provably acquainted with the PBN operations in commercial air transportation or at another operator (operator issues the certificate to the applicant), this all after passing the PBN skill test both the theory and the flight with an instructor. In this case, the applicant must respond to the 8 oral questions related to the PBN operation, at least 6 responses must be answered correctly.

see: http://www.caa.cz/personal/uplatneni-narizeni-ek-c-2016-539 (in Czech)

F AIR offers you the option number 2.

After completing the additional training, you will receive a certificate, on which base the examiner will examine you from the PBN. Either during your regular IR recurrent (if you have it till the 25th of August 2018), or during the PBN skill test, which must be done until the 25th of August 2018, in the case you want to fly PBN after this date. About the PBN skill test we will inform you later.

Note: In the airspace of the Czech Republic, the PBN qualification for the IR pilot is almost necessary due to RNAV tracks, RNAV STAR, RNAV SID and RNP approach.

Lukáš Vokůrka Lukáš Vokůrka
České aerolinie
"My name is Lukáš Vokůrka; I am a Professional Pilot graduate from the Czech Technical University in Prague. Since my school has a flight training partnership with F AIR, I ended up choosing them. There were other options, but I picked F AIR for their convenient location, long experience, pleasant people, and modern planes. When I'd gained my ATPL, I flew with F AIR for a while as a PPL instructor. Today, I am First Officer on ATR 42's and 72's for Czech Airlines (ČSA), the Czech flag carrier, and my job is exactly what I imagined it'd be: amazing, exciting, fun. F AIR is a big part of what made that happen for me, and I'm grateful for their solid training program." (Note: Photo shows Lukáš with another of our graduates, who flies a B737NG for Travel Service.)

Our graduates

Enrollment Requirements

  • minimum Medical II. class with audiometry extension
  • IR (A) SEP or IR (A) MEP qualification or a completed training course containing IR parts without PBN

Theory Lessons

For the PBN theory, the dates in the following form are listed.

Flight Training

Ground preparation (conversion of the theory into practice, SOP F AIR for PBN, setting and checking of GNSS devices, ...) in 2:00 and flight on simulator (normal and emergency procedures) at 4:00. The term of practical training will be agreed with the client individually after completing the theory.


760 EUR

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ATPL/CPL/IR/EIR theory Timebuilding IR(A) MEP

Our graduates fly for:

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