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NEXT F AIR MEASURES from 16.3.2020 to prevent the spread of coronavirus

NEXT F AIR MEASURES from 16.3.2020 to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Based on a legal analysis of the Czech Government Resolution of 15 March 2020 to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the company management decided that F AIR is still authorized to provide flight training and flight school activities (see Annex for an analysis). In order to comply with the requirements of the Government Resolution and to prevent the spread of coronavirus, F AIR has taken the following measures:

  1. Students living in the Campus were informed about keeping the principles and limitations resulting from the above-mentioned Government Resolution. It was stated that the accommodation of students in the Campus in Karlovy Vary and Benešov does not fall into the category of hotel services, but it is only accommodation during their long-term stay in the Czech Republic.
  2. The Company does not allow to accept new foreign students for accommodation and training, the last group was accepted on 17.1.2020.
  3. Transportation exclusively for the needs of flight training of foreign students is ordered to be provided only individually by the Company's own vehicles, in small groups not exceeding 6 persons.
  4. The theory classroom has been canceled. Students preparation will be done by self-study or through online learning (e-learning).
  5. The company ordered its employees to prevent associations and unnecessary contacts of persons (including students) in the premises of the flight school; that practicaltraining will be organized individually, in the presence of instructors who have been in contact with the students before.
  6. Pre-flight preparation of students must be organized individually in separate areas, so that students and F AIR staff will avoid unnecessary contacts between them.
  7. Practical trainingshall be organized as to minimize the rotation of students by instructor. The aim must be to conduct trainingthat each instructor provides training allocated to a group of students for as long as possible.
  8. All training flights abroad are canceled and are performed only in the Czech Republic.
  9. We issued for our crews the recommendations for movement at foreign airports to avoid any contact with staff at airports unless it is necessary for safety reasons.
  10. In addition, it is ordered to continue the increased hygiene measures. Increased efforts should be made to disinfect F AIR premises, campus, airplanes and simulators and other devices and equipment on a regular basis.
  11. We also order to F AIR employees to follow well-known hygiene practices and well-known practices in contact with others (regular hand washing, cleanliness of the environment, washing phones and computer keyboards, distance from others, etc.)
  12. We also order to F AIR employees to undergo the body temperature measurements performed by authorized persons (especially dispatchers) always they arrive to work.
  13. As soon as protective equipment (especially masks, which the company is trying to obtain as quickly as possible) is available, it will be allocated to employees who come into contact with others.
  14. It is forbidden to provide aircraft renting and training services for pilots flying in their leisure activities- as hobby pilots.
  15. It is forbidden to provide training to CTU students who undertake flight training as part of the University education.

In Bystrice 16.3.2020
Ing. Michal Markovič




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