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Flight simulator SoftekSim FNPT II - LKKV

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The SoftekSim FNPT II flight simulator is a true copy with the exact configuration of the Tecnam P2006T aircraft. The manufacturer is the renowned company SoftekSim. The simulator meets all the most demanding criteria for instrument flight training on twin-engine aircraft.

EUR 115 / hour*

* All prices are listed exclusive of 21% VAT


  • PPL(A) - Private Pilot License training (particularly instrument flight lesson)
  • FI(A) - Flight Instructor training
  • MEP - Multi-Engine Piston aircraft training
  • IR(A) - Instrument Rating training
  • CPL(A) - Commercial Pilot License training
  • ATPL(A) - Airline Transport Pilot License training

The simulator is further useful in:

  • Training for pilot license examinations and periodic license renewal examinations
  • Instrument flight refresher and skill maintenance sessions
  • Multi-engine aircraft refresher and skill maintenance sessions
  • Basic and advanced instrument flight training
  • Night flight training
  • Advanced poor-weather flight training

Key Features

  • Compatibility with F AIR flight school training aircraft
  • Compatibility with MEP (multi-engine piston engine) aircraft class
  • Easy control without distracting the student's concentration on training
  • Extraordinary variation of modes and settings of flight parameters
  • Large-area realistic 3D visualization with a viewing angle of 180 °, processing satellite images of the earth's surface and computer-generated 3D models of airports, terrain, buildings, obstacles, etc.
  • Simulation of many types of faults and failures of aircraft systems
  • Accurate and clear evaluation of the training lesson
  • EASA FNPT II certified simulator
  • Certification for Performance Based Navigation training
  • The latest Garmin G950 avionics
  • Realistic sound simulation
  • NavData database

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EASA, CAAC, ISO9001, Green School


F AIR Ltd.
Benesov Airport, 126 Nesvacily,
257 51 Bystrice u Benesova
Czech Republic
Business reg. no.: 00662381
VAT no.: CZ00662381
A limited liability company registered in the Municipal Court of Prague Business Register, Section C, File 455

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