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IR(A) - Instrument Rating

This course aims to train pilots to the standards required to pilot airplanes during IFR flight and in instrument meteorolgical conditions (IMC). The training focuses on the correct operation of avionics and the specific requirements on piloting technique and communication during flight, approach, and landing. You will also learn to use the full functionality of the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit and the Garmin GTN750 navigation instrument.

Tomáš Ullrich Tomáš Ullrich
České aerolinie
"Time spending in F AIR was three amazing years of flying and learning, meeting new people, seeing new places and building up piloting experience. I particularly valued the friendly atmosphere and the modern and varied aircraft fleet; I flew everything from Cessnas to Pipers to Tecnams. Less than a year after I completed my training at F AIR, I was hired by Czech Airlines; now, I am First Officer on ATR 42/72 turboprops, and a dream's come true for me."

Our graduates

Enrollment Requirements

  • PPL(A) license or higher
  • NIGHT qualification
  • MEP rating (for IR(A) MEP training)
  • Medical Class II Certificate (with audiometrics) or higher
  • 50 h minimum flight time in VFR cross-country navigation flight as Pilot in Command (PIC)
  • Enrolled in IR(A) or ATPL(A) Theory course
  • Adequate English language skills - preferably ICAO English certificate

Theory Lessons

Theory lessons are organized as the IR(A) Theory course. You will also need to take the IFR English exam as part of your training.​

Price on request

Flight Training

Flight training consists of a minimum of 20 hours in an IFR-approved airplane plus 30 hours in the FNPT II flight simulator. MEP VFR holders may take their flight lessons in a twin-engine plane; in this case, the flight training curriculum runs five hours longer.

SEP: Price on request MEP: Price on request

The training is conducted within the program:

ATPL/CPL/IR/EIR theory Timebuilding MEP CPL(A)

We train on the following planes:

Our graduates fly for:

Emirates Czech Airlines Emirates Czech Airlines




EASA, CAAC, ISO9001, Green School


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Czech Republic
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