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EIR(A) - En-route Instrument Rating

The En-route Instrument Rating is a great complement to a PPL(A) license; it can greatly simplify the planning and execution of your flights. You depart your starting point in VFR; when convenient, you switch to IFR and continue on instruments to your destination. While the ability to fly in poor weather is valuable, the main benefit of EIR(A) is the increased piloting comfort on published routes, which have controlled safe altitudes and mostly also traffic separation intervals. Once near your destination, you switch back to VFR for approach and landing. This obviates the need for complicated monitoring of approach vectors, as well as the difficulty of approach on instruments. If your destination is a small local airfield, it is unlikely to be equipped for approach on instruments, anyway.

Slávek Krch Slávek Krch
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"F AIR is an awesome flight school; years ago, I chose them for my pilot training, and I've never once regretted it. They have great ground support and a large fleet kept in top condition by talented mechanics. I'm very grateful to my instructors for helping learn the tons of facts needed, and for trying to teach me to fly right. I'm even more grateful for having had the chance to accumulate a great deal more flight experience later on as a member of the instructors team... Flying VFR Benešov to Valencia, in a small plane, in autumn, isn't something you forget."

Our graduates

Enrollment Requirements

  • PPL(A) license or higher
  • Medical Class II Certificate or higher
  • Enrolled for EIR(A) Theory course
  • Adequate English language skills - preferably ICAO English certificate

Theory Lessons

Theory lessons are organized as the EIR(A) Theory course. You will also need to take an IFR English exam as part of your training.

Price on request

Flight Training

Flight training consists of a minimum of 15 hours in an IFR-approved plane. MEP VFR holders may take their flight lessons in a twin-engine plane; in this case, the flight training syllabus runs one hour longer.

SEP: Price on request MEP: Price on request


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