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ICAO Aviation English

The ICAO Aviation English certificate allows you to fly internationally and communicate in English with your crew. Based on the results of your test, you will be awarded a particular level of the certificate depending on the extent of the skills you have demonstrated. The minimum level required for the above-mentioned privileges is Level 4, with Level 6 the highest possible. Successful candidates receive a certificate, which then entitles them to have the corresponding skill level recorded in their pilot license. The test includes an interview examining your general English skills (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension) and your knowledge of aviation terminology (in the Czech Republic, the requirements for this part of the test are given by the local aviation regulation Radio Communication Procedures and Aviation Vocabulary and Terminology for the Provision of Air and Operations Services and Piloting, Czech: "Radiotelefonní postupy a letecká frazeologie a terminologie pro poskytování letových a provozních služeb a provádění letů"). The examination also tests your listening comprehension. Certificate levels 5 and below are time-limited; i.e., you will need to take refresher exams periodically; a level 6 certificate is valid for life.

You are not required to take an Aviation English course before taking the test; however, if you feel you need one, we can arrange it for you.

The nearest ICAO Aviation English course date at Benešov airport is being finalized. 

Examination dates are:










The examination starts at 9:00 AM.

If you are interested, please contact F AIR Dispatchf-air@f-air.cz or by phone +420 777 623 033

If you are interested in flying abroad and taking the ICAO exam, our flight instructors and theory lectors will prepare you properly, either in the school environment at any of our branches or online at a time that suits you. For additional study, we recommend a unique online educational application from our partner Galileo Training/Flying Revue, which includes complete learning of English radio correspondence, including more than 300 authentic audio recordings from real operations. Access to the application can be purchased at the following links or contact us directly, we will provide access for you.

Czech version of application: https://www.vfrkomunikace.cz/
German version of application: https://www.vfrkommunikation.de/
English (international) version of application: https://www.vfrcom.com/
Russian version of application: https://www.vfrcom.ru/

Examination fee: EUR 92

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