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It seems hard to believe how much F AIR has developed over the course of its existence.

The original idea of a small company founded mostly for the owners' joy of flying has grown into one of the largest flight schools in Central and Eastern Europe. We are very proud of having been the first private flight school in the Czech Republic in the early 1990s, and of having confirmed our primacy in 2000, when we were the first to fulfill the requirements of the European Joint Aviation Rules (JAR-FCL 1), becoming an international flight school, authorization CZ/FTO-001.

Today, we can teach you to fly whether you are a middle-aged individual looking for nothing more than the experience and sensation of a third dimension to your motion, or a young person chasing the dream of becoming a professional airline pilot. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and employ modern teaching methods, our instructors are highly experienced, and our facilities provide first-class service to both students and qualified pilots renting their airplanes from us.

Aside from our teaching activities, the core of our business also includes the sale and maintenance of airplanes, plane rental, air services, flying-banner advertisement, and recreational flights. In all we do, we strive to help our customers feel at home with us. We wish to be a pleasant and valuable partner for all your flying needs, on and off the ground.

I would like to thank all those who have participated on the successful development of our company - our employees, our management, our partners, and most of all, our clients, without whose loyalty it would have been impossible to achieve what we have.

Ing. Michal Markovič



Benešov Airport, many years ago: F AIR began with a small patch of rented hangar space and a construction worker's cubicle for office space, a single L-23 Blaník glider, and a single instructor working on a free-time basis. As time went on, we obtained additional planes and hired a number of employees, allowing us to eventually start training pilots on Cessna propeller airplanes. A major upgrade was the purchase of our first Tecnam P92 Echo ultralight. By the mid-1990s, we had acquired a small fleet of Piper airplanes and expanded our activities to professional pilot training, including instrument flight (IR) and multi-engine plane (MEP) certifications. We won a tender to train students of the Czech Technical University in Prague for Professional Pilot graduate program, starting collaboration that continues to this day. We continued amassing experience in pilot training, allowing us to become the first flight school in Central and Eastern Europe to gain certification for the then-new European Joint Aviation Rules (JAR-FCL1) in 2000.

As we grew, our rented hangar and office space was no longer sufficient for our needs, and in 2000 we moved into new, larger premises. Two years later, we added a restaurant and terrace, new lecture rooms, a central dispatch office, and finally, we even purchased the hangar we had once rented a corner in.

At the end of 2003, we invested in the purchase of the unique FNPT II flight simulator from the Canadian firm Mechtronix Systems, Inc. The device served us well, and in 2008 we acquired a more advanced device from Mechtronix, this one a faithful copy of the twin-engine Piper PA-34 Seneca V, reconfigurable to the passenger turboprop Beechcraft KING B-200. This allowed us to significantly improve the quality of training we are able to offer pilot candidates looking ultimately to fly commercial, in line with our philosophy of offering our customers the best service around.

In 2014, we were successfully re-certified on the new EASA - Part-FCL regulations, earning ourselves our CZ/ATO-001 registry number; subsequently, we were the first Czech flight school to introduce EIR(A) and LAPL(A) training programs.

Since 2009, we train MEP candidates on the TECNAM P2006T, a plane known for its easy handling and low operating costs. Since 2014, our basic training flights are done on the modern TECNAM P2008JC, equipped with the Garmin G3X glass cockpit; for instrument flight training, we use mainly the TECNAM P2010, with its modern Garmin G1000 avionics.

We currently operate over 43 airplanes, from the highly-regarded TECNAM ultralights to single-engine Tecnam P92JS, Tecnam P2008JC, Tecnam P2002JF, Tecnam P2010, Cessna 150, Cessna 152, Cessna 172, and Piper PA-28-181 Archer. Our larger planes include the Piper PA-32 Saratoga and the twin-engines PA-34-220T Seneca V and Tecnam P2006T.

We are confident that today, after more than 32 years in business, we have managed to fulfill our vision and long-time motto, that F AIR is synonym for flying.


We hold the following certifications:

 Approved Training Organization Certificate CZ/ATO-001
FSTD Generic Prop FNPT II
FSTD Generic TurboProp FNPT II MCC
 Combined Airworthiness Organisation Certificate CZ.CAO.0045
 Combined Airworthiness Organisation Terms of Approval CZ.CAO.0045
Ultralight Pilot Training Center Authorization SLZ 16/93
Flight Standards Department Civil Aviation Administration of China
 ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate
Certificate of Completion of the LBA Examiner Briefing
CZ / ICAO English
Certificate of Completion of the UK CAA Examiner Briefing
FSTD Generic Prop MEP (land) FNPT II LKKV
Vietnam CAA Certificate No. 00616




EASA, CAAC, ISO9001, Green School


F AIR Ltd.
Benesov Airport, 126 Nesvacily,
257 51 Bystrice u Benesova
Czech Republic
Business reg. no.: 00662381
VAT no.: CZ00662381
A limited liability company registered in the Municipal Court of Prague Business Register, Section C, File 455

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